Takeaway Tips To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth Using Teeth Whitening

Our teeth naturally change color over time. It happens regularly as our teeth lose their initial luster. When teeth age, the enamel that protects them becomes weaker, and the dentin beneath the surface starts showing, providing your teeth with a yellowish tint and professional teeth whitening is the solution for that.

Dentin is yellow-tinted and darker than enamel. In addition to smoking and food, other variables can result in yellow teeth. The yellowing of teeth can be an issue for many people, even though it is normal for teeth to change color. 

Some people may have appearance-related self-consciousness as a result. If this describes you and you want your teeth to be bright white once more, there are actions you can do to get rid of yellow stains from your teeth both at home and with the help of a Keller, TX, dentist.

Throughout this blog, we will look at some of the options used for teeth whitening in Keller, TX; you may try to get rid of yellow teeth.

Here Are Some Ways To Restore Your Teeth To Their True Form

Professional Teeth Whitening 

The best course of action if you need to transform a yellow grin into a bright white one swiftly is to visit Keller, TX dentist for an in-office whitening procedure. 

A tooth whitener with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide will be applied by your dentist, who may also utilize a UV, LED, or other technology to expedite the whitening procedure. 

At the end of the procedure, your teeth will be visibly whiter, though if your teeth have significantly yellowed, your dentist may recommend additional procedures.

Use Baking Soda When Brushing Your Teeth

Baking soda is among the most effective and widely available natural teeth-whitening remedies. It also goes by the name sodium bicarbonate and helps to whiten teeth and reduce discoloration. Equal parts of baking soda and alum powder should be combined. 

Now use this mixture to wash your teeth gently. After that, rinse it. When you clean your teeth twice a week, repeat this technique. Additionally, toothpaste containing baking soda is an option.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Numerous health advantages can be derived from apple cider vinegar. Some people also use it to brighten their teeth. You can mix two tablespoons of vinegar with 6 ounces of drinking water and rinse your mouth for 10 seconds. 

If you use this solution, brush your teeth afterward and then rinse your mouth with water. Additionally, you must exercise caution because excessive usage of apple cider vinegar can harm your teeth.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Did you know that you could also use hydrogen peroxide to clean your teeth? Hydrogen peroxide is a natural whitening agent that eliminates germs and restores your oral health. However, while the chemical has the potential for tooth cleaning, you must be sure of the quantity you use. 

Besides, no studies have explored the effects of washing or brushing with hydrogen peroxide alone. However, various research has examined commercial toothpaste containing peroxide.

Making Use Of Activated Charcoal

Normal charcoal is identical to activated charcoal, which has been altered for medical purposes. Activated charcoal can be applied directly to your teeth or used as a toothbrush. In addition, you can mix water and charcoal to make a mouthwash if you’d like. 

Watch out, as gums might be harmed by activated charcoal. Additionally, it may become lodged in any tiny fissures seen in teeth. Additionally, your neighborhood pharmacy or supermarket may sell toothpaste and mouthwash with activated charcoal.

Using Coconut Oil

Oil pulling is one of the most natural and traditional teeth whitening methods. Developed in India, this oral restoration method is meant to detoxify your body and enhance oral hygiene. 

The procedure is simple. All you need is to swish oil around in your mouth to eliminate the plague-causing bacteria that could dull your teeth’s natural appearance.

Maintaining dental hygiene can be seen as a preventative home care activity. This method might help eliminate toxins in your body and make your teeth whiter and brighter. All thanks to coconut oil’s lauric acid, which helps to lower inflammation and kills microorganisms.

The Bottom Line

The quickest way to get rid of yellow teeth is through professional stain removal and teeth whitening in Keller, TX. To have whiter teeth, nevertheless, one should often start at home. 

Making modifications should be considered if you wish to lessen the number of yellow stains on your teeth. For example, ensure your oral hygiene is up to the mark, limit the use of juices and other stains-causing beverages, and, if you smoke, give it up.

Time To Enhance Your Smile In The Most Subtle Way Possible!

Looking for different tips and tricks to enhance your natural smile can be tiring. When tired of the different whitening methods, it’s time to trust the professionals. At Keller Family Dental, we offer the best teeth whitening services at the most reasonable prices. Visit our clinic or call us at (817) 431-1596 today.